100 million campaign
Toronto Rehab Foundation celebrated the success of its $100-million fundraising campaign, “Where Incredible Happens,” with an event on Wednesday night. (Image: Toronto Rehab Foundation)

After reaching an unprecedented $100-million goal, Toronto Rehab Foundation celebrated the success of its fundraising campaign, "Where Incredible Happens," with an amazing contingent of donors, volunteers and staff.

The purpose of the Wednesday night event was to thank everyone who helped achieve this historic milestone and embrace Toronto Rehab's potential to make incredible advances in discovery and care.

"Why $100 million?  With 1,000 Canadians turning 65 every day, Toronto Rehab has an important place in the continuum of care through prevention and rehab programs as well as the research behind it," says Cindy Yelle, President and CEO of Toronto Rehab Foundation.

"Our goal as a foundation is to support this need through philanthropy and strategic partnerships. It is with that mindset we announced Canada's largest ever campaign for rehabilitation."

Launched in October 2015, the "Where Incredible Happens" campaign is helping provide Toronto Rehab's scientists and clinicians with resources to address some of the most complex healthcare issues affecting millions of people and their families.

Those impacted by heart disease, brain injury, stroke, pain, dementia, elder care, and more, will find new solutions to live fuller lives, thanks to vital funding of patient care, research and healthcare technologies.

The $100-million campaign also helped broadcast to a wider community that Toronto Rehab is home to the top rehabilitation research centre in the world.  It is pioneering health innovations focused on recovery, enabling independence and prevention.

Key ways that campaign support is helping make incredible happen include:

  • Establishing The Walter and Maria Schroeder Institute for Brain Innovation & Recovery. This $20-million gift represents the largest ever made to a rehabilitation hospital in Canada.
  • Providing sustainable research support through channels such as: fellowships in Technology for Family Caregivers and Prevention; scholarships for people with disabilities; and a new Chair in Prevention Research and Health Technologies.
  • ​Injecting targeted support to research studies in areas such as pain, concussion, multiple sclerosis, sleep apnea and swallowing.
  • Expanding virtual outreach through initiatives such as Health e-University that is helping people prevent and manage chronic disease such as heart disease and diabetes.
  • Rejuvenating Toronto Rehab facilities, including those providing complex continuing care, cardiac rehab and spinal cord rehab, to help patients and families feel comfortable, confident and well supported, while meeting their needs for privacy and personalized care.
  • Better equipping patient programs and establishing new initiatives such as a Transitional Care Centre of Excellence.
  • Establishing education awards to enhance the professional development of clinicians in Toronto Rehab so that they are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide the best care possible.

Over the coming months, we look forward to sharing inspiring stories about Toronto Rehab Foundation's extraordinary donors and volunteers, and more about the initiatives that the campaign is supporting as well as what's next on the horizon.

To everyone who helps Toronto Rehab continue to be "Where Incredible Happens" – thank you!

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