Dr. Barry Rubin
Medical Director and Chair of the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, Dr. Barry Rubin, is dedicated to helping it become the world’s leading cardiovascular centre – in all aspects. (Photo: The Globe and Mail)

Ask Dr. Barry Rubin about the future of the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, and it quickly becomes clear he has big plans.

As the institution's visionary Medical Director and Chair, Dr. Rubin is dedicated to helping the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre become the world's leading cardiovascular centre in all aspects, from patient care to technology to research.

But spend a few minutes speaking with Dr. Rubin about his unrelenting drive toward excellence, and it also becomes clear where he gets his vision. The answer is simple, says Dr. Rubin – from Peter Munk.

He speaks with fond reflection about the man he considers one of his most important mentors.

"I realize how integrated Peter's thinking has become in the way we run the heart centre," Dr. Rubin says. "Peter was phenomenal at identifying elements of proposals that resonated with him.

"He could see the long-term value in particular things."

One time, for example, Dr. Rubin says he was explaining how sensors can be used to probe deep into arteries – a concept that immediately intrigued the mining titan.

"Peter was fascinated. He said, 'That's exactly the kind of technology we're using to go deep into our mines.' He made the connection instantly and he understood how you can apply a technology or an idea to look at a completely different issue," Dr. Rubin says.

PMCC Magazine - 2018 

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