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Some 600,000 Canadians currently live with heart failure. Many of these patients will end up at specialized centres like the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre(PMCC) requiring surgical intervention to manage this incurable condition. (Photo: PMCC)

Incurable but preventable. ​The two most important facts to know about heart failure --- a progressively debilitating condition that currently affects 600,000 Canadians and will afflict 1 in 5 across the country.

 A national study whose findings were released this week has found that most Canadians, however, are not well-informed when it comes to their understanding of this serious, often fatal cardiac condition.

The survey --- conducted in conjunction with the Heart and Stroke Foundation and Novartis, a pharmaceutical company --- collected data from over 1,200 Canadians, and found that:

                59% of Canadians erroneously believe that there is a cure for heart failure

                51% of Canadians believe heart failure is when the heart stops beating

                23% of Canadians believe heart failure is synonymous with a heart attack

"Heart failure is often gravely misunderstood by many of my patients, so the survey findings are not surprising," says Dr. Heather Ross, Cardiologist, Peter Munk Cardiac Centre and Medical Director, Cardiac Transplant Program, University Health Network (UHN). "The condition leaves the heart too weak to pump an adequate amount of blood throughout the body. "

"Reduced cardiac function is often a pre-cursor to heart failure, which can occur most commonly following a heart attack or other illnesses affecting the heart, or by damage sustained more gradually due to high blood pressure or coronary artery disease. The good news is treatment options to improve symptoms and limit hospitalizations are available today. The best prevention practice remains healthy eating and daily exercise," she says.

The most recent statistics show that about 600,000 Canadians are living with heart failure, a figure that is said to be on the rise with more patients surviving heart attacks and other cardiac conditions.

Image of Dr. Ross, along with Regis Philbin
Dr. Ross, along with Regis Philbin, an American talk show host, who underwent a triple heart bypass operation in 2007. (Photo: PMCC)

A widespread effort to debunk the misconceptions around heart failure began with the release of the survey's findings.  Dr. Ross, along with Regis Philbin, an American talk show host, who underwent a triple heart bypass operation in 2007, kicked off the awareness campaign earlier this week in Toronto.


More information about heart failure - www.heartandstroke.ca/heartfailure .

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