2018 UHN Research Report
The hanging origami shapes and icons featured on the cover of this year’s report represent our diverse disciplines and skills in research and medicine. The two-dimensional shadow cast by these shapes – "UHN" – symbolizes how these skills and disciplines come together at UHN to advance health research. (Image: UHN StRIDe Team)

UHN is home to exceptional places: four academic hospitals, an education institute and six research institutes.

The scientists, trainees and staff at UHN are focused with intense curiosity and dedication, and driven by a single aim: to accelerate research into clinical impact. This common goal allows us to tackle challenges and achieve impact beyond that possible by any one individual.

Through inspiring stories and colourful illustrations, the latest UHN Research Report [Editor's Note: Link is no longer available] – entitled In It Together – shows how diverse skills and disciplines come together to advance health research and innovation.

Read the report to learn how UHN research institutes are making a difference:

  • Toronto General Hospital Research Institute researchers are providing new insights into health and disease, such as revealing how the immune system protects the heart from viral infections
  • Techna researchers are developing nano-guided therapies and transforming the way that healthcare is delivered
  • Princess Margaret Cancer Centre researchers are developing clinical and molecular tools to improve care for patients throughout the entire cancer journey
  • Toronto Rehabilitation Institute researchers are using cutting-edge research facilities to transform the future of rehabilitation
  • Krembil Research Institute researchers are unearthing the mechanisms that underpin neurological diseases such as Parkinson disease and epilepsy

The report also includes stories celebrating funding success, high-impact discoveries and innovative applications of research findings, as well the generous support provided by UHN's sister foundations and their donors.

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