The courage to heal

Tim Giblin knows the meaning of "rehabilitation". In 1997, he suffered a brain aneurysm, leaving him in a month-long coma at Toronto Western. Eventually, he was transferred to Toronto Rehab. He couldn't speak or walk.

Scared and worried his life would never be the same, Tim began a long healing process at Toronto Rehab. He focused on small successes and his daily quest to find hope.

Tim quickly realized he would never be able to go back to who he was before his aneurysm. So, he focused his energy on discovering his new self. Tim now volunteers at Toronto Rehab, helping patients find their own courage to heal - and discover who they've become.

FULL STORY (VIDEO): Tim Giblin - The courage to heal

Tim Giblin volunteers at Toronto Rehab Institute, helping others navigate through the rehabilitation process.

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