Kitty Cohen ImageA 99-year-old phenom

On the first day of Courage, UHN staff voted for…
... one Kitty Cohen!

Alright, the song may not have the same ring as the original, but anyone who doubts a 99-year-old woman is courageous will soon be singing a different tune.

No matter the age, the Princess Margaret's 60 km, two-day Weekend to End Women's Cancers walk is an epic challenge. But when a woman who was born before the First World War completes the walk every year - and does so with a flourish at the finish - it shows a depth of courage we'd all be proud of.

FULL STORY: Kitty Cohen - A 99-year-old phenom

Kitty Cohen's story was submitted by Paul Alofs, President and CEO, Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Kitty will celebrate her 100th birthday before the new year!

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