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UHN Employees are eligible for reduced parking rates using either a transponder or a value card at the following UHN parking lots:

  • Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • Toronto General Hospital (​Elizabeth Street )
  • Toronto Western Hospital (Leonard Street)
  • Toronto Rehab
    • Bickle
    • Lyndhurst/Rumsey
    • University Centre (Waiting list applies)


A transponder provides access to some UHN parking lots, at any time of the day, for any length of time. A transponder will only work in the lot it is assigned to. You cannot use the same transponder in different lots. A waiting list may apply at your lot of choice.

Phone: 416 595 7136

Value Cards

A value card is a wallet-sized card that is inserted at the gate, when entering/exiting a UHN parking lot.  You can preload the card with money from one of the parking kiosks. An automatic payment is deducted from your card each time you exit.

Phone: 416 595 7136

UHN Car Pool

The UHN Car Pool is available for staff who are interested in:

  • Saving money
  • Protecting the environment and reducing air pollution
  • Easily navigating traffic throughout the city
  • Zipping through your commute with access to HOV lanes and priority parking
  • Making new friends

Once you arrive at UHN please look into our Car Pooling page under Environment.


TTC Passes

The TTC Volume Incentive Program is a discounted TTC pass available for permanent full-time and permanent part-time staff.

Passes are issued monthly and UHN requires a 12-month commitment to the program. You may not cancel the program for vacation. The monthly fee is deducted from the first benefit pay of the month.

You may apply on line using the Application Form​. The registration form must be submitted by the 15th of the month, 2 months prior to the distribution of your first pass (i.e. if you register by March 15th, your pay will be deducted in April and you will be able to pick up your May pass as of April 23rd)

TTC Volume Incentive Program:

Bike Lockers​

UHN has plenty of accommodations, if you choose to bike to work. Along with bike racks at all of our locations, there are also shower and locker facilities.

Phone: 416 340 4800 ext. 5130
Phone: 416 340 4800 ext. 5130​