At UHN, the needs of patients come first, above all else. As such, we recognize that Virtual Care at UHN could not be successful without the ongoing guidance of our patient community. With an ultimate goal of drawing our patients closer to UHN than ever before, our Virtual Care team has committed to engaging its diverse patient population at every stage of the initiative's design and implementation. We invite you to be part of this journey.

"Going to the hospital for an appointment has always carried risks for me, as my immune system is quite suppressed. The ability to receive virtual care through UHN, especially during COVID-19, has meant that my care has continued on without being compromised. There was one situation where I had to go into the hospital — but that's the beauty of this system. Your care providers are able to evaluate the situation virtually and then make the call if you do need to come in. I then knew I was going in for a specific reason — they took care of it, and I was out. It has given me the full confidence that UHN is looking after me even in these challenging times."

— Scott, Patient Partner

"At UHN the patient voice is truly valued — it's not about "simply" ticking the boxes. Our patient voices are sought out, and listened to at every step of the process. Not every organization is as forward-thinking in engaging a Patient Partner at every table — leveraging their feedback and lived experience — and actually utilizing the patient voice in the decision-making process. It's quite astounding."

— Lilac, Patient Partner

Meet our Digital Patient Engagement Consultant Group

UHN’s Digital Patient Engagement Consultant Group is a volunteer committee of Patients and Caregivers/Family Members who have been providing our team with ongoing feedback since April of 2020. Their insights have been instrumental in ensuring that Virtual Care at UHN is designed through the patient voice, however both they and the Team recognize that this small subset of consultants cannot adequately represent UHN’s diverse patient community. As such, we have developed our Health Equity Strategy and are actively working to consult with an array of patient communities in order to identify any unrecognized barriers to virtual care and to develop solutions or strategies to address those barriers.

To date, our Digital Patient Engagement Consultant Group has identified the following needs as essential to their successful adoption of Virtual Care at UHN:

  • Assurance that the quality of their appointment will not be affected.
  • A simple, clear understanding of how to access their care (end-to-end) virtually.
  • Confidence in Privacy and Security.

We value the ongoing feedback of our Virtual Patients as we continue to refine the implementation and delivery of Virtual Care at UHN.

As such, we encourage you to share your thoughts with us.

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