Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, (FIPPA), a publicly-funded organization such as UHN must publish a list of its record holdings.

The Directory of Records classifies record holdings into the following categories:

General Record - any record not considered to be a personal information bank or a public record.

Personal Information Bank - a collection of personal information that is organized and can be retrieved by an individual's name or some other personal identifier.

Public Record - a record containing personal information that is available to all members of the public on an equal basis.

Common Record – record types that are common to more than one organization.

The following list describing the types of record holdings maintained by UHN, is in addition to the materials found or referenced on our website (see Published Documents).


Record Types
Description of Records
Building Service Records
Records relating to the maintenance and development of all UHN sites. This can include records of fire safety, mechanical and electrical systems and overall maintenance or repairs to the physical buildings.

Business Operation Records
Records relating to the retail food services, vending services, ATM machines, parking, and the Shuttle bus. Can include receipts, agreements and contracts.

Financial Records
Records relating to the financial management functions, including accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial reporting and employee expenses.

Human Resources Records
Records relating to the UHN employees, former employees, those under contract and or permanent staff. This can also include those who have applied to work at UHN and those who volunteer.

Patient Safety Records
Records relating to patient safety and programs for the prevention and control of infections. This can include policies set out by UHN and data on audits.

Information Management Records
Records relating to the maintenance, development and management of the UHN information systems. This can include procurement, purchase agreements for hardware and software, and network security.

Records of Legal Affairs
Records relating to all legal matters in which the UHN has an interest. This can include records relating to the compliance of legislation.

Medical Affairs and Patient Quality Records
Records relating to the administration of patient care and quality. Includes complaints, compliments of quality of health care provided and related programs and services.

Occupational Health and Safety Records
Records relating to assessing occupational health and safety, ergonomics, and other issues for staff. Can include incident reports, health assessments, and employee back to work plans.

President’s and CEO Office Records
Records relating to the overall functions of the UHN, committee meetings and membership on Boards. Can include records of committee meeting minutes, financial statements, and future strategic planning documents.

Privacy and Information Records
Records relating to the Privacy of all patients and staff regarding personal health information or the administration of the UHN. Records can include requests of information.

Communication Records
Records relating to the UHN communications and Public Affairs strategy. Can include correspondence with the Media.

Research Records
Records relating to the types of research being conducted and the funding amounts. Records can include the distribution of funding.

Risk Management
Records relating to the better management of various risks UHN can encounter. Can include policies, incident reports, data used to ensure the safety of the patients and employees, and QCC minutes.

Personal Information Banks

The majority of personal information maintained by UHN relates to an individual's personal health and is subject to the Personal Health Information Protection Act, PHIPA. All inquiries concerning personal health information should be directed to Your Health Record.

Personal Information Banks at UHN include individual employee files and correspondence files maintained by the Patient Relations Office.

For more information, please contact the FOI Office at or by telephone @ 416 340 4800 ext. 7197.


Visit the UHN Freedom of Information Page to learn more.

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