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From 2017 to 2021, FM-PRO's Redevelopment team transformed Toronto Rehab's E.W. Bickle Centre from a 1950s hospital built to care for veterans post-war, to a state-of-the-art facility offering complex continuing care to people of all ages.

Located in Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood at 130 Dunn Ave., Bickle Centre cares for patients living with chronic and complex health issues, such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease. Serving both inpatients and outpatients, the 208-bed facility helps patients recover strength and mobility, so they can better manage their disease and restore independence.

Built more than 60 years ago, Bickle Centre required substantial upgrades and renovations, including:

  • Improvements to infection control and accessibility to meet today's standards
  • Replacement of medical gas piping
  • Installation of new canopy walkway, so patients can stay mobile and walk in colder seasons
  • Interior and exterior renovations to all five inpatient units, lobby entrance, staff office spaces, patient auditorium and staff education resource spaces, which included:
    • ​​Replacement of surfaces and fixtures (to improve infection control and reduce disease transmission)
    • Conversion of four bed ward rooms to two bed semi private rooms, allowing for better ability to isolate patients with infections
    • Installation of a new waste disposal system
    • Installation of improved lighting with adaptable controls
    • Installation of barrier-free patient washrooms and bedside cabinetry to improve safety and accessibility
    • New flooring and paint refresh
    • New IT rooms
    • New window panes
    • Additional safety features on balconies
    • Exterior brick work

Throughout the five year project, the Redevelopment team ensured all patients could continue to receive high quality care safely and without interruption. They achieved this by completing renovations unit by unit and using a closed ward as “swing space," where patients could stay while their area underwent construction.

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