​​​​​​​​​​The UHN Lung Transplant Program offers specialized transplant programs, which may help you have a lung transplant sooner.​​

Ex Vivo Organ Repair and Assessment

The UHN Ajmera Transplant Centre is a worldwide leader in innovative technologies, such Ex Vivo organ perfusion. This technology allows us to assess an organ outside the body before transplantation.

Ex Vivo can:

  1. Predict how well an organ will work after transplantation
  2. Helps the organ heal itself
  3. Allows surgeons time to treat and repair lungs

Ex Vivo facts:

  1. The UHN Ajmera Transplant Centre pioneered the use of this technology through our Toronto Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion System.
  2. Since 2012, the Ajmera Transplant Centre has offered lung transplants to 28% more patients due to the Toronto Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion System. This increase in care is not met by any other program in the world.
  3. ​The Ex Vivo perfusion system is now being refined for use with other organs, such as the liver and kidney.

Watch our videos to learn how the Ex Vivo system works and how it is saving lives.​

Thanks to Ex Vivo, "high risk" donor lungs can now safely be used for transplant.
Dr. Keshavjee unveils a mechanical lung on stage at TEDMED and describes how this transplant technology is saving lives.​
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