Sisters Annemieke and Carolyn Vanneste Sisters Annemieke and Carolyn Vanneste donate their kidneys to save two people in need. Here is the story​​​ »​​​​​

​How to Become a Living Donor

STEP 1: Complete the Living Donor Health History Form

STEP 2: ​Submit the completed form in person, by email, mail or fax. You can reach Julie Cissell at 416 340 4577,​ or fax 416 340 3009​. All mailing information is on the form​.

STEP 3: Our Living Kidney Donor Assessment Office will call you in one week after we have reviewed your health history form.​

Your Journey as a Living Donor

Learn what it’s like to be a living donor through our kidney evaluation and surgery guide.

Advantages and Risks of Living Donation

  • It reduces the wait time for organ transplant recipients.
  • The operation can be scheduled in a timely fashion for the donor and recipient.
  • It provides an opportunity for the donor to give 'the gift of life' to​ a family member, friend or stranger.
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Risks of surgery
  • Kidney donation is a major operation; though living donors are in good health, there are risks related to having surgery. The donor team will talk to you about the risks involved.
  • The evaluation requires multiple visits to hospital and the recovery takes at least 6 weeks.
  • Only part of the costs associated with surgery are reimbursed by the Ontario government.

For more information about risks or complications, please call the Living Kidney Donor Assessment Office at  416 340 4577.​

Common Questions and Answers

Since 1969, over 1,300 living kidney donor transplants have been performed at the University Health Network (UHN). All donors have returned to their regular lifestyle with no restrictions. ​

Making an Informed Decision

We know that, if you choose to become a living kidney donor, your goal is to help someone. We believe it must always be a voluntary choice, one that you make without pressure from others. Living donation is not for everyone, but knowing the facts, will help you decide if this option is the right choice for you.