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Living Transplant, a new podcast from the Ajmera Transplant Centre and the Centre for Living Organ Donation, launches on November 2, with new episodes every 2 weeks.

Join hosts Brittany Cole (Bedside Nurse, Ajmera Transplant Centre) and Courtney Mahrt (Communications, Centre for Living Organ Donation) as they explore transplantation through the perspectives of frontline staff, researchers, innovators, and transplant pioneers, as well as organ donation recipients, living organ donors, families and caregivers.

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Available on November 2nd, wherever you listen to podcasts:



For those in need of a kidney or liver transplant, living organ donation may offer a shorter pathway to better health – providing faster access to transplant and a quicker recovery. Despite this, the number of living donor transplants remains relatively low, compared to deceased donor transplants. To improve access and equity in living organ donation, the Centre promotes and supports researchers and projects focused on ensuring that all those who are in need of this life-saving treatment, have the option to pursue it.

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