A living donor’s health and welfare is our top priority. The Centre facilitates a better living donation experience by streamlining the assessment process and developing novel ways to engage living donors and recipients throughout their journey and after their donation experience.


For those in need of a kidney or liver transplant, living organ donation may offer a shorter pathway to better health – providing faster access to transplant and a quicker recovery. Despite this, the number of living donor transplants remains relatively low, compared to deceased donor transplants. To improve access and equity in living organ donation, the Centre promotes and supports researchers and projects focused on ensuring that all those who are in need of this life-saving treatment, have the option to pursue it.


There is wide variation in the rates of living donation. The Centre seeks to improve access to living donation and transplantation by providing education, resources, and other supports to meet the diverse needs of all our living donors, recipients, care team members and community partners.

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Our mission is to improve access to living organ donation for people who need a life-saving kidney or liver transplant and those who want to give a transformative gift of life. View our accomplishments:

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