Mary Beaucage  
In Loving Memory of Mary Beaucage

February 22, 1969 - March 28, 2024

Mary was a friend to all, a fierce advocate, beautiful storyteller and made an impact on everyone she met. She has left a legacy of kindness, change making and always leaving people, communities and places better than before. Mary will forever be remembered. We will continue your work, we will continue your fight. Thank you.

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The mandate of the Volunteer Advisory Council is to advance the vision and mission of the Centre for Living Organ Donation and ensure our programs and services: 1) are responsive to the unique needs and perspectives of living organ donors, those considering living donation and underserved communities, and 2) contribute to best practice in living organ donation education and stakeholder engagement.

The Council is composed of living kidney and living liver donors and recipients. Council members also serve as peer mentors for those new to the living donation process.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Centre for Living Organ Donation, please fill out an application form.​​​​

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