​Meet the dedicated staff who will support you through your transplant journey.

Transplant Nephrologists

"As a transplant nephrologist and physician, my role is to diagnose and treat kidney disease.  Before you go on a transplant list or have a living donor transplant, I will review your assessment with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have about your transplant. When you are admitted for transplant, I will be part of your care and will continue to see you for follow-up appointments after you go home."

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Donor Nephrologists

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Kidney Transplant Surgeons

"As a kidney transplant surgeon, my role is to determine whether a kidney transplant can be safely and successfully carried out and to plan how the surgery will be performed. I perform the transplant surgery and remain involved in managing your surgical care during the recovery after transplant."

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Transplant Assessment Coordinators

"As an assessment coordinator and registered nurse, I manage the care of all donors. My role is to review your health history with the donor team to determine if there are any underlying health concerns before proceeding with any transplant options. I then coordinate your donor evaluation, review and educate you and your family about your results and the different types of tests you will experience. I discuss your surgical options, schedule your surgery and follow you through the evaluation process and surgery. I am here to answer any questions or concerns about your upcoming transplant."

Donor Coordinators

Recipient Coordinators

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Transplant Coordinators

"As a registered nurse, I work with your transplant physician and administrative assistant to manage your care after your transplant. I provide education, manage your transplant medications, review your blood tests, and communicate with your general physician and other consultants. Transplant coordinators can be reached through the Easy Call system to help you stay in touch with the transplant team. I am available to answer questions related to your transplant health concerns."

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Administrative Assistants

"As an administrative assistant, I schedule your appointments and tests. I am also a source of information about the donation process. While I cannot offer you medical advice, I work closely with your coordinators during the assessment and the time after your transplant, and pass along any of your concerns to the transplant team."

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Transplant Social Work Team

"As a Transplant Social Worker I meet with all living organ donors, transplant recipients and their families/support person(s) to review each patient’s unique situation. I provide support, resources and information needed for you to make an informed decision. I also provide education, supportive and resource counseling, and will help you plan for your surgery and recovery. Transplant Social Workers work together as a team to help before, during and/or after your surgery."

  • Ursula Dignard
  • Lolita Mangal, Psychosocial Secretary
  • Laura Middleton
  • Margot Mitchell
  • Sonali Pendharkar
  • Paul Rivers, Transplant Social Work Practice Leader
  • Mary Shea
  • Ms. Brigitte Talevski
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Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurses

"As a psychiatric professional, I may be asked to see you during your transplant evaluation or help you cope with mental health issues that may arise while you wait for the transplant and the recovery period afterwards."

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"As a registered dietitian, I provide nutritional information and counselling. After your transplant, I will work with you to develop a nutrition plan based on your medical history, weight, blood test results, and medications. I will recommend a balanced dietary program that meets your personal needs. Once you leave the hospital I can help you with common nutrition issues after transplant, such as high blood sugar, weight gain, or medication side effects. If you have any questions about your dietary plan, just ask your transplant team to refer you to me."

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"As a physiotherapist, I may work with you after your transplant to help you regain strength and mobility. I can assist you with specific exercises, help you with walking, provide walking aids to use with or without assistance, determine if you are ready to return home or require further rehabilitation."

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Occupational Therapists

"As an occupational therapist, I meet you after your transplant. Before you return home I assess your ability to take care of yourself and problem-solve through any challenges, so that you can return to doing everyday activities. If you are experiencing challenges with concentration, memory or your ability to organize activities, I can help you address these concerns and improve your mental functions. I can also suggest using assistive devices to help you get around or make your home more accessible."

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Spiritual Care

"As a spiritual care professional, I provide care to you and your family through the mind, body and spirit. I provide help that is sensitive to cultural and religious diversity. I provide encouragement and solace, support for loss and grief, one-on-one visits, enable opportunities for prayer, meditation and reflection, and facilitate religious and spiritual rituals when requested. You can ask to have me as part of your healthcare team."

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"As a transplant pharmacist, I work closely with your doctors and the transplant team to make sure that you receive the most appropriate medication during your hospital stay.  I will answer questions about your medications and teach you about your new transplant medications through our self-medication class. You will attend this class after your transplant, while you're still in the hospital. You will learn about how and when you should take these medications, possible side effects, and how to manage them.  You will then practice taking your own transplant medications in hospital so that you are comfortable to do this by the time you go home.

Right before you go home, I will also review all of your medications with you again, and answer questions you may have. I will provide you with a medication schedule to help you keep track of your medications and to take them correctly at home. If you choose to have your prescriptions filled at the Transplant Outpatient Pharmacy after you go home, I am available to meet with you in the Transplant Clinic to do another review of your medications and answer any questions you may have, or help you find ways to stay on track with taking your medications."

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