Our staff are provided with opportunities to participate in continuing education, aligning our teams with best practices in patient care.

Initiatives include:

  • Intimacy and Sexual Health Education
  • Interprofessional and Patient Goal-Focused Rounds: weekly meetings held with our team to discuss progress towards patient goals and work collaboratively towards a plan to facilitate a patient's safe return to the community.
  • Patient Oriented Discharge Summary: an individualized meeting with our rehab therapists that occurs close to the end of a patient's stay to review gaps that may need to be addressed prior to the patient returning to the community.

Ongoing opportunities include:

  • Monthly Brain Quality of Care Committee
  • Application of Stroke and Acquired Brain Injury Accreditation best practices
  • Embracing student education across all disciplines
  • Partnering with acute care, community agencies, and academic institutions to ensure we are evolving with the needs of our patients
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