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​​​M​cEwen Stem C​ell Institute

Since 2007, the McEwen Stem Cell Institute has been a recognized leaders​ in stem cell research and regenerative medicine with an aim to unleash the potential for stem cell therapies.

Made possible through the generosity of Rob and Cheryl McEwen, the McEwen Stem Cell Institute brings scientists, investors and philanthropists together. Part of the University Health Network, we collaborate with research institutions around the globe and have forged groundbreaking partnerships to move theory to therapy.

Supported by some of the best and brightest pioneers in the field of regenerative medicine, we are focused on restoring heart function, making electronic pacemakers obsolete, eliminating insulin injections, healing liver disease and beating blood cancers. With what was once impossible now within our grasp, we are seizing the moment to accelerate our work.

A Decade of Discoveries

Since 2007 we have been changemakers. In a short time, we have made breakthroughs that have forever changed stem cell research. Learn more about our scientific breakthroughs​ »

McEwen Award for Innovation

This international award recognizes a transformative breakthrough that has had a major impact on the field of stem cell research or regenerative medicine. Learn more about the McEwen Award​ ​»​​