• ​​​2008

    First in the world to develop heart progenitor cells from embryonic stems cells, giving new hope​​ for testing drugs and treating heart failure patients. (Dr. Gordon Keller)

  • 2011

    Generated polyhormonal cells that were insulin prodicing. (Dr. Gordon Keller)

  • 2012

    Identify new approaches to mature liver cells to stage of efficient drug metabolization. (Dr. Gordon Keller)

  • November
    Isolate pure population of cardiomyocytes and identifies epicardium and endocardium. (Dr. Gordon Keller)​​

  • 2015

    Dr. John Dick discovers a pre-leukemic stem cell that may be the first step in initiating disease and also the culprit that evades therapy and triggers relapse in patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

  • May
    Develops human cartilage tissue from human stem cells. (Dr. Gordon Keller)

  • August
    Demonstrates a new method to produce cholangiocytes (bile duct cells) from human pluripotent stem cells, based on providing the stem cells with certain activators at specific times during the production process. (Dr. Gordon Keller)

  • 2016

    December 12
    McEwen Centre receives backing from BlueRock Therapeutics. Work of UHN scientists among first projects for new stem-cell research company to commercialize an approach to regenerating heart muscle in patients who have had a heart attack or suffer from chronic heart failure.

  • December 14
    Develop the first functional pacemaker cells from human stem cells, paving the way for alternate, biological pacemaker therapy. (Dr. Gordon Keller and Dr. Stephanie Protze)

  • 2017

    August 24
    Develop a new method to identify and purify cells that develop into insulin-producing cells from human stem cells, creating opportunities for new therapies and safer transplants in patients with type 1 diabetes. (Dr. Maria Cristina Nostro)​

  • 2018

    December 6
    McEwen Stem Cell Institute is established.​​