Two female friends trying on hats

There are many types of hats to choose from at the Princess Margaret Wig Salon & Accessories Boutique! The main types of hats are:

  • Indoor hats such as cotton hats
  • Outdoor hats such as winter hats, fleece hats or UV protection sun hats
  • Sleep caps

It is important to keep your head covered during hair loss in order to avoid heat loss. Our staff can help you choose a hat that would best suit your lifestyle. Come in and talk to one of the Wig Salon stylists about your head covering options and needs.

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Scarves & Head Wraps

There are several types of scarves available at the Wig Salon & Accessories Boutique. The main types of scarves are:

  • Pre-tied scarves
  • Loose scarves
  • Turbans

There are many reasons why people enjoy wearing scarves and head wraps:

  • 100% soft cotton
  • Bright and colourful
  • Great alternative to hats
  • Unique look and style
  • Easy to wash and care for
  • Makes you look and feel good
  • Fun to learn and practice tying

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Last reviewed: 3/2/2021
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