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About eCheck-In

Before each clinic appointment (in-person or virtual), you will be asked to answer questions about your health and wellbeing. Use eCheck-In to report your symptoms and concerns to your healthcare team. Learn how to complete eCheck-In before your appointment at UHN [YouTube video]

eCheck-In is a tool that:

  • Lets your care team know up-to-date information about your health
  • Helps save you time when you register for appointments

You will receive an eCheck-In email or text two days before your appointment that will ask you to answer some questions about your health and your symptoms. These are called Pre-Appointment Questions (formerly known as DART or PATH). You may also be asked about the medications you take or to update your personal information such as your address.

On your appointment day, you will still need to check in with the front desk staff. eCheck-In does not replace checking in in-person.

What are the Pre-Appointment Questions?

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How to get more support

There are many ways to​​ get psychosocial help and support at the Princess Margaret.

Learn about the programs and how to self-refer or get a referral from your healthcare team.

Support Resources

The Princess Margaret Pre-Appointment Questions are a series of questions you will be asked to complete two days before your appointment.

Your answers help assess your health and wellbeing, such as:

  • Common physical symptoms (such as pain, tiredness, nausea)
  • Practical concerns (such as smoking cessation support)
  • Emotional concerns (such as anxiety, depression)

Using the eCheck-In, you can complete your Pre-Appointment Questions wherever you are (at home or in the clinic), 2 days before your appointment. A friend, neighbour or caregiver can help you complete the questions. Your care team will view your answers to the Pre-Appointment Questions on the day of your appointment. You should mention any symptoms you are having to your care team, so they can provide you the best care.

Why are the Pre-Appointment Questions important?

The Pre-Appointment Questions help you and your health care team to:

  • Talk about your most important concerns and symptoms
  • Plan care that is right for you
  • Find the help you and your family may need

How to Complete your Pre-Appointment Questions

Complete your Pre-Appointment Questions via the eCheck-in before every clinic appointment (in-person or virtual).

  1. You will receive an email or text two days before your in-person or virtual appointment. You can also log in to the Patient Portal to complete eCheck-In. A friend, neighbour or caregiver can help you complete the surveys.
  2. Tell eCheck-In about you and your symptoms.
  3. Discuss your symptoms with your health care team. Let them know that you have completed your Pre-Appointment Questions.

You can access the Pre-Appointment Questions via eCheck-In on any computer or mobile device two days before your appointment. You can borrow an iPad from our iPad Lending Program, if you do not have a device. They are available for use Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. To borrow an iPad, call 416 946 4501 ext. 4558 or ext. 5383, visit the Patient & Family Library on the main floor or visit the Information Desk near the Murray Street entrance.

If you did not get an email or text reminder to complete your Pre-Appointment Questions, please contact your clinic to have your email address and/or your mobile phone number added.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


How to Understand Your Scores

In the Pre-Appointment Questions, you will assign a score to any symptoms you have. Below is a chart with the range of scores and actions to take based on your scores.

Score Suggestion
4 - 10 If one or more of your symptoms are over 4, make sure to bring them up with your provider at your next appointment. If your symptoms are severe (for example, 7-10) you should consider telling your health care team right away or go to the closest emergency department.
1 - 3 If one of more of your symptoms are between 1 and 3, follow the recommendations on the Cancer Care Ontario website for how to manage those symptoms.​

Learn More and Get Help

For questions about the Patient Portal such as eCheck-In, registration, or using myUHN please contact:

Email: myUHN@uhn.ca
Phone: 416 340 3777
Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

You can also click on the following links to learn more about:

  1. How to update your Health Summary (medications, allergies, health issues) on myUHN Patient Portal [YouTube]
  2. How to complete eCheck-In before your appointment at UHN [YouTube]

For health-related questions (about symptoms, treatment or appointments), call the Patient Information Line at 416 946 4559 between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, to speak to an Information Specialist.

Last reviewed: 11/1/2022
Last modified: 1/24/2024 6:56 AM
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