Our studies of new and innovative approaches to diagnosis, assessment, and treatment planning and delivery has helped set the international standard for lymphoma and myeloma treatment. Because we are the largest group of our kind in Canada, we have the patient numbers needed to support ground-breaking clinical trials and laboratory research focused on understanding the biology of this diverse group of diseases and how new treatments work in cancer cells.

Our research spans both clinical practice and treatment modalities and developmental clinical trials. Most recently, our researchers have been internationally recognized for their work relating to the long-term effects of treatment, in particular radiation therapy, on second cancers and cardiovascular disease.

We are also involved in an evaluation of treatment strategies to reduce late effects and have a strong focus on the development of novel treatments for patients who relapse after stem cell transplant.

The Lymphoma and Myeloma Site Group is very active in clinical trials, from Phase I evaluation of new agents through to Phase III trials that establish new treatment standards.

Open Clinical Trials

Last reviewed: 2/6/2018
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