​​​The Princess Margaret Head and Neck Site Group has established itself as a major contributor to local, national and international cancer research initiatives across each of the health care professions that are part of our group.

Key areas of research include clinical trials; translational research; outcomes-based research in medical, radiation and surgical oncology; new drug development; survivorship; quality of life; and supportive care in oncology nursing.

We published the world’s first description of the atypical behaviour of human papillomavirus–related oropharynx cancer compared with typical cancers, as well as a landmark multicentre study that showed the critical impact of radiotherapy protocol compliance and quality in the treatment of advanced head and neck cancer.

In the same year our radiation medicine team produced a mature description of the head and neck anthology of outcomes, which provided the correlative clinical data to accompany biospecimen acquisition in a very successful translational program.


Open Clinical Trials

Last reviewed: 10/30/2022
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