​​​​The Genitourinary Site Group at Princess Margaret aims to continuously advance the frontiers of uro-oncology clinical and translational research to provide innovative treatment and management in medical, radiation and surgical oncology.

Currently, our group is leading the International Cancer Genome Consortium, which is mapping the genetic structure of prostate cancer to improve diagnosis and treatment. We are also doing trailblazing work developing minimally invasive prostate ablation therapies such as cryotherapy and high-intensity focused ultrasound.

Our new comprehensive biobank for GU tumours serves as a central repository for high-quality biological specimens and supports research. To build on this function, Dr. Anthony Joshua has taken the lead in developing a prostate cancer clinical annotation database for use in conjunction with the biobank specimens. This database will build on Dr. John Trachtenberg’s existing prostate database platform.

Open Clinical Trials

Last reviewed: 10/31/2022
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