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Program Director: Dr. Jennifer Croke

About the Radiation Oncology Fellowship

Affiliated with the University of Toronto Department of Radiation Oncology, the Radiation Medicine Program (RMP) at Princess Margaret provides fellows with outstanding clinical and research experiences. The RMP offers fellows a wide range of supervisors and positions within its research and clinical programs, making the RMP a major contributor to the program’s success.

The Radiation Oncology Fellowship Program at the University of Toronto is one of the largest and most successful of its kind in North America. The program has 3 streams:

  • 1-year clinical research
  • 1-year clinical experiential
  • 2-year research

The program is funded by the supervisors and the hospital departments and the number of positions available each year depends on the funding available. Additional positions may be made available for candidates who bring funding through grants or support from their home centres or government. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact the program director.


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