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Cancer is a defining health issue in the 21st century. One in two Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime, though the greatest number of cancer deaths in the next decade will occur in low and middle-income countries. Sustained local and global action, and sound leadership, is required to ensure access to high-quality, affordable cancer care for all.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre at the University Health Network is recognized as an international leader in cancer care and plays a central role in training tomorrow's cancer care leaders through medical, radiation and surgical oncology fellowship programs. Graduates go on to hold leadership positions in clinical care, research, policy, healthcare management, and health systems both in Canada and around the world.

The Princess Margaret Global Oncology Leadership Development (GOLD) Program is a series of lectures and interactive small group sessions designed to equip UHN Fellows with the skills, networks and opportunities to develop as leaders in cancer care at a local, regional and international level. The program's focus is on developing and strengthening cancer care leadership at a systems level. It is particularly relevant for international Fellows at UHN who upon their return home will be responsible for growing cancer care systems, and for domestic Fellows at UHN with an interest in health systems leadership and advancing the cancer care agenda at a local, regional and global level.

Program Goals

The Princess Margaret Global Oncology Leadership Development Program aims:

  • To foster transformative leadership skills and inspire the next generation of global oncology leaders to 'think big' in addressing the cancer challenges of the future
  • To introduce key concepts in global oncology and cancer control including cancer policy, the economics of cancer care, and research and innovation in cancer care
  • To create a global community of leaders in cancer care, connected through a strong alumni network
  • To provide mentorship opportunities to build strategic connections with current leaders in cancer care

GOLD Curriculum

Topics will be focused on the following core themes:

  1. Global Cancer Control - Challenges and Opportunities
  2. Cancer Policy and the Health System
  3. Economics and Financing of Cancer Care
  4. Research and Innovation in Cancer
  5. Cancer Leadership - Local and Global Perspectives

Each session will consist of a didactic component delivered by content experts followed by an interactive session and/or 'fireside chat' with a leader whose work or experiences resonate with the session's theme, to provide a real world example around which to discuss the session's theme.

Local and international faculty will be drawn from the oncology, global health and business communities.​​​

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