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Summer students (high school and postsecondary) with placements in the Cancer Program at the University Health Network (UHN) are invited to participate in the Cancer 360+ Summer Student Program.

Cancer 360+ runs in parallel with summer placements. The program aims to equip and empower potential cancer professionals through topics not typically covered in training, with the goal of supporting a well-rounded, adaptive cancer workforce.

Registration Is ​Open

Course begins June 5, 2023.

To Register:

  1. Go to Cancer Campus at pmcancercampus.ca.
  2. Click Log in in the top right corner and click on Create new account​. If you are a UHN employee, log in using your UHN account.
  3. Wait for the confirmation email and follow the instructions.
  4. Access the Cancer 360+ Summer Student Program course. Enroll in the course using the enrollment key.

Contact Andrew Holownych​ if you need an​y assistance or more information.


Who is eligible to participate in the Cancer 360+ Summer Student Program?

  • Any high school or postsecondary student doing a summer placement in the Cancer Program at UHN​​​​​

Program Summar​​y

The Cancer 360+ Summer Student Program consists of 3 parts:

  1. The virtual asynchronous Cancer 360 course, which includes 10 units containing lectures, eLearning modules, reflection questions and knowledge assessments
  2. Weekly live sessions features Q&As with experts from the course and skill-building workshops
  3. Sharing your summer placement experience through a lightning talk and participating in a research poster competition

Course Content

​The Cancer 360 course includes 10 units covering topics that are not typically covered in training for cancer care professionals.

Read more about the Cancer 360 ​course conten​t
​ ​

eCertificate of Completion

This set of units is a coordinated suite of offerings, with each unit building upon and informing the next. For learners who complete all 10 educational units, an eCertificate of Completion for Cancer 360 will be awarded. Please note that if a unit has questions or a quiz associated with it, you must also complete these items to complete the unit.

Summer Student Research Day

A Summer Student Research Day will be held annually in August. The Research Day provides students with the opportunity to:

  • Gain experience sharing research findings and compete for Best Research Poster
  • Practise communication skills and compete for Best Lightning Talk
  • Learn about other summer projects peers are working on in the Cancer Program​
  • Network and celebrate the end of a great summer!

All are welcome to attend; however, only summer students with placements in the Cancer Program and registered for the Cancer 360+ Summer Student Program can participate in the Research Poster and Lightning Talk Competitions.

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