Online Surgery Guide

The time leading up to surgery can be an anxious time for you, full of questions and concerns. Pre-surgical and recovery information can be overwhelming, which is why UHN has the user-friendly "My Surgery": An information guide and personal care tool — for you and your family members to record information about your surgical process and learn about each stage of your care.

During your surgery experience, your "My Surgery" information guide and personal care tool may be customized with information to suit your individual health information needs, including treatment-specific brochures, booklets, information sheets and other materials.

You can download the entire  PDF icon image "My Surgery": An information guide and person care tool here.

Or, you can download the chapter you are looking for:

My Surgery

About The Hospital

Before And During Surgery

After My Surgery

Planning To Go Home

My Tests, My Questions, My Websites

Binder Evaluation Form 

Currently, the "My Surgery" information guide and personal care tool is only available in English; however, our health information site material available in many other languages that may be just right for you.

For information about how to get a hard copy of "My Surgery", please speak to a member of your health care team.


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