How Do I Get Referred to University Health Network (UHN)?

​​​​You need a referral from your doctor to become a patient at a UHN hospital. Your doctor will refer you to one of our specialized clinics or to one of our doctors directly.​

You can find additional referral information about your clinic here.

Your doctor can find referral information here.


How Long Does a Referral Take?

Your referral will be processed as soon as possible. Special consideration will be given to emergency referrals or if your family doctor or referring doctor has an urgent concern.

Usually, your doctor will contact you to tell you when your appointment at UHN will be.

Your referral could take longer if you are an international patient. Please see below for more information.

​How to Transfer From Another Hospital

If you want to transfer to a UHN hospital from a different hospital, ask your doctor for a referral.​


International Patients

You are considered an international patient if:

  • You are not a resident of Canada
  • You are a Canadian citizen living abroad
  • You live in Canada but do not have landed immigrant status
  • You do not have Ontario or other provincial, territorial or federal health insurance from Canada


All referrals for international patients must go through our International Patient Program.

All patients are treated equally, according to our Purpose, Values and Principles. Your residency status will not affect your access to care or the quality of care you receive at UHN.

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