​About the Patient Education and Engagement Program

Logo imageThe Patient Education and Engagement team is dedicated to the education of patients, families, students and staff. We help to make sure that patients and their families have the skills and knowledge to manage their care, make informed decisions, and lead healthier lives by partnering with staff who demonstrate effective collaborative care.

Our team:

  • ensures that healthcare professionals have the right tools and competencies to engage patients and families to partner in their care.
  • develops diverse and responsive educational materials and programming, self-management tools and support programs for our patients, their families and community members at large. 


Health information is an important part of your care

Patient Education and Engagement encourages you to ask questions, find information and become informed about your care.

Health information and education can help you to:

  • Prepare for your care.
    This includes if you are having surgery, receiving rehabilitative​​ care, or undergoing a medical or diagnostic procedure.
  • Manage your condition or disease.
    This includes knowing what to do both at the hospital and when you are back at home.
  • Become informed about your health and your care.
  • Participate in your care.
    Become a full care partner and a member of the healthcare team. 
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