Health & Wellness Mobile Apps

We hope the following list can help you to choose the health & wellness mobile apps that are right for you.

What are health & wellness mobile apps?

Most people today carry mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones and portable computers to stay in touch while on the go.  Software applications or "apps" are available for these devices to help users communicate, organize their appointments, and manage information.

A variety of health-related apps are available for download, with more being created daily. You can use these apps for different purposes, such as tracking your medications, diet and exercise; scheduling your medical appointments; sending reports to your doctor etc.

Why use health & wellness mobile apps?

A health & wellness mobile app can:​

  • improve communication between you and your health care provider
  • help you to monitor your specific condition
  • help you to improve your overall health

Use tablets in our Libraries​

All UHN Patient & Family Libraries have tablets for you to use.

You can try out some health and wellness apps, view health videos from our collection, or search our library catalogue.

Please talk to the Library staff to find out more about using the tablets in the UHN Patient & Family Libraries.


This information you access from these mobile health apps is to be used for informational purposes only and not as a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use mobile health applications to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your health care professional.

The University Health Network's Patient & Family Libraries are not responsible for the information provided within the mobile health applications recommended.​

​To protect your personal health information, be sure to carefully read through the privacy agreements of the applications you choose to use. We do not assume responsibility for how these applications collect or use your personal information.

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