UHN Patient & Family Centres/Libraries offer reliable and up-to-date health information to patients, their families, community members and staff. You can choose from resources in audio, video and electronic formats. We also have resources in different languages to meet your needs. Learn more about UHN Patient & Family Learning Centres .

Online Resources

Digital Skills Learning

This website is your guide to getting familiar with digital tools and resources important for your healthcare journey at UHN. Learn more about how to use myUHN Patient Portal, attend virtual appointments, find reliable health information online, protect your email and accounts and more.

Click on the image above to complete the Digital Health for All checklist.

Tech Tips Videos

Short instructional videos to help you get started using technology. Each video gives step-by-step instructions and demonstrates the process. Topics include scanning QR codes, downloading apps, using YouTube, and more.

Online Library Catalogue

Search our Online Library Catalogue for information available at UHN Patient & Family Learning Centres

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