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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Peter Munk Cardiovascular Symposium: Partnerships in Integrative Patient Care is an annual event organized by the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, Canada’s premier cardiac centre.  
Below is list of topics covered during the 2015 Symposium along with video links to each speaker’s presentation.

Image of ​Drs. Barry Rubin  


​​​​​​​Peter Munk Cardiac Centre – Goodlife Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Symposium

Image of Dr. Paul Oh  
Image of Dr. Jaan Reitav  
Image of Dr. Susan Marzolini  
Image of Dr. David Alter  
Image of Robert Bertelink  
Image of Margaret Brum and Maria Ricupero  
Image of Valerie Skeffington and Marc Ikin  ​

Inherited Sudden Death Syndromes: Knowledge for the Clinician

Image of Drs. Gollob, Spears, Laksman and Melanie Care  


Vascular Surgery and Intervention

Image of Dr. K.T. Tan  

Heart Failure

Image of Dr. Narinder Paul  


Image of Dr. Michael McDonald  


Image of Dr. Vladimir Dzavik  



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