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HCM Fitness for Patients

  • Created specifically for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) patients.
  • Maintain heart health through step-by-step videos, key medical information and a proven exercise program.
  • Safe and effective series of exercises promotes well-bring, resilience to stress and a happy, healthy heart.

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Structural & Congenital Heart Disease Intervention Learning Centre

  • Learn more about your cardiac condition and treatments available.
  • Get general information on preparing for an apppointment, diagnostic test or interventional procedure.
  • Find out more about our multidisciplinary medical teams and the ways their research shapes your care.

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Cardiac College™

  • Each year, our program helps more than 2,000 people make long-lasting lifestyle changes that will prevent a major heart event or reduce the risk of a recurring heart event.
  • Find tools to help you manage heart disease, get active, eat healthy and feel well.
  • Explore the newly updated Healthy Eating section for recipes, cooking videos and tips on how to eat healthy.

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Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research

  • Understand heart failure, the causes and implications for your long-term health.
  • Learn more about treatment options, including lifestyle changes and medications.
  • Download useful resources for managing your heart failure.

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