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Image of Dr. Barry Rubin 

Dr. Barry Rubin​
Medical Director,
​Peter Munk Cardiac Centre​​

Image of Dr. Heather Ross

Dr. Heather Ross​​​
Division Head,​ Cardiology

Image of Dr. Vivek Rao

Dr. Vivek Rao​
Division Head, ​Cardiovascular Surgery​​

Image of Dr. Thomas Forbes

Dr. Thomas Forbes,
Division Head, Vascular Surgery​​

Marcin Wacowicz
Division Head, Anesthesia​

Image of Dr. KT Tan

Dr. KT Tan,
Division Head, Medical Imaging

Image of Dr. Patricia Murphy

Dr. Patricia Murphy,
Medical Director, Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit​

Image of Dr. Jagdish Butany

Dr. Jagdish Butany,
Director, Division of Pathology

Image of Dr. Paul Oh

Dr. Paul Oh,
Medical Director, Cardiac Rehab Program

Image of Linda Flockhart

Linda Flockhart,
Clinical Director, Peter Munk Cardiac Centre

Image of Scott McIntaggart

Scott McIntaggart,
Senior Vice-President, UHN

Dr. Shauna Seabrook

Shauna Seabrook,
Sr. Campaign Director, PMCC Campaign


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