​​​​​​​​​​​​The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre Innovation Committee is comprised of a group of health care and business professionals who meet quarterly to consider requests to fund the evaluation of innovative health care solutions submitted on an ongoing basis exclusively by Peter Munk Cardiac Centre staff members.​

Key Criteria

Each proposal submitted to the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre Innovation Committee is evaluated based on:

  • Demonstration of a new and important innovation
  • Potential to achieve operational efficiency
  • Potential to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care
  • Feasibility of implementation
  • Cost benefit per patient
  • Available metrics for measuring success

Submission Process

Through a submission template, applicants outline the innovative nature of their projects, the rational and likelihood of success, their partners, budget and methodology for outcome assessment.

Submissions are reviewed quarterly by the Committee with a focus on how innovative and cost-effective the project is, if the project is safe, what leverage will be achieved by funding and the impact of success.

Submission Form

To request funding from the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre Innovation Committee for emerging innovative and potentially disruptive (a) technologies or procedures pertaining to cardiac or vascular therapy or (b) techniques, interventions or process improvement for the diagnosis or care of cardiovascular patients or (c) innovative stem cell therapy. At this time, the submission form​ is available to staff only.

Provide Peter Munk Cardiac Centre staff with the opportunity to develop innovative approaches and assess novel devices and therapies that will enhance the quality of patient care and improve patient outcomes, through a nimble, transparent process rooted in the belief that ‘today’s innovation is tomorrow’s practice’.

  • Foster a culture of high-level, inter-disciplinary innovation within the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre
  • Expedite the funding of staff-submitted ideas and projects that meet the stated criteria, have been reviewed, are recommended for support, and have the potential for broad-based impact.

The concept for the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre Innovation Committee was developed in 2012 to independently solicit and prioritize innovative projects worthy of funding.

Support for Innovation Committee projects is provided through philanthropy via the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre Innovation Fund.

A blend of medical and business thought leaders form the Innovation Committee, tasked with reviewing and assessing ideas submitted by Peter Munk Cardiac Centre staff, likening it to a medical “Dragons Den”.

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