News and Notes from the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre

​​​​​​​​​​​GoodLife Fitness gives cardiac rehab a boost​​​​​

Physical activity plays a critical role when patients are living with heart disease.

"People who exercise have a much higher chance of successful recovery and improved long-term outcomes than those who don't," says Dr. Paul Oh, Medical Director of UHN's Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program and GoodLife Fitness Chair in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation and Prevention.

To help aid Peter Munk Cardiac Centre patients in their recovery, GoodLife Fitness recently donated more than $330,000 in fitness equipment to Toronto Western Hospital and Toronto Rehab's Rumsey Centre (adding to an earlier donation worth $143,000). These two locations provide rehab services to more than 2,500 patients each year. The new treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical machines will help cardiac patients make physical activity a part of their recovery regime.

In 2012, GoodLife donated $5-million to the centre's Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program, with the goal of creating the best possible cardiac rehab program and supporting further research in this field.​​

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