Ahead of the game
Dr. Sanjog Kalra
Dr. Sanjog Kalra was recruited for his expertise in complex and high-risk interventional procedures.

When patients come to the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, they are cared for by world-class talent.

Dr. Barry Rubin, Medical Director and Chair of the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, is always thinking about the future. Every year, he searches the world for clinicians who are the best at what they do in the hopes they’ll bring their expertise to the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre to meet the needs of patients not just today – but also decades from now. “We want to be the place that develops new therapies to help us better treat patients,” says Dr. Rubin. “We never want to rest on our laurels.”

In 2020, Dr. Rubin was intent on finding physicians who focus on particularly complex and minimally invasive surgeries, a growing specialty that is becoming an increasingly important treatment option for patients. “Imagine the skill required to sew a 2.5-millimetre bypass to a 2.5-millimetre artery through a 10-millimetre scope,” he says. “This is a big part of the future of cardiac care.”

Meet two of the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre’s newest recruits, who Dr. Rubin says “will help us continue to push the envelope and be the place that is ready and able to take on any problem in cardiovascular disease.”

A natural fit

Dr. Sanjog Kalra, interventional cardiologist at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre

Dr. Sanjog Kalra had a sense of déjà vu during his first shift at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre this past fall, and for good reason: between 2008 and 2011, he did many rotations there as an internal medicine resident. Walking down the halls as an interventional cardiologist was a new experience.

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