What We Do

​We are dedicated to promoting the health of patients with advanced chronic kidney disease. Our interdisciplinary team includes doctors, nurse educators and coordinators, a social worker, a pharmacist, a dietitian and a chiropodist. Together, we will help you to learn how to stay healthy and manage your chronic kidney disease, through education, support, and treatment advice. Our approach is to equip you with the knowledge and resources you need to manage your health independently.

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    The aims of the Multi-Care Kidney Clinic are to:​​​​​​

    • Slow the prog​​ression of chronic kidney disease
    • ​Prevent known related conditions, such as anemia, high blood pressure, heart disease and bone disease
    • Assist patients and their families to adapt to and manage chro​nic illness by providing them with education and psychosocial support
    • Discuss which type of treatment for kidney failure is the best option for you, including discussing the risks and benefits of the treatments for you.
    • Plan for and facilitate the smooth transition to dialysis and/or kidney transplantation​

    How to Prepare

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     Materials and Resources to Help You

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    Resources from the Medicine Program

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     Meet Our Team

    We are an interdisciplinary team of doctors (nephrologists), nurse coordinators and educators, a social worker, a dietitian, a pharmacist and a chiropodist. We work with our patients to help them manage their chronic kidney disease.

    Medical Director: Dr. Charmaine Lok

    Nurse Manager: Jacqui Cooper

    Staff Physicians or Specialists

    Nurse Coordinators

    • Anna Gozdzik
    • Andrea Heywood
    • Janice Ritchie
    • Zedfrey Salazar

    Informatics Team Lead: Stefan Trohonel

    Social Worker: Angela Tse

    Pharmacists: Jacqui Herbert, Vanessa Racco

    Dietitian: Jane Paterson

    Chiropodist: position open


    • Alison Finkelstein
    • Justine Headley​