The Joint Department of Medical Imaging's abdominal division consists of a wide variety of exams that reach across several imaging modalities such as CT, General Radiography, Ultrasound and MRI. These areas are utilized during an extensive list of tests to demonstrate any changes and abnormalities in anatomy.

CT and General Radiography uses x-radiation to obtain pictures of the human body while MRI uses magnetic fields and ultrasound uses sound waves to achieve these same pictures. Depending on the patient's history, the referring physician and radiologist will determine the most appropriate kind of test for a patient to have in order to see the anatomy in question.

As the largest division across our partnership sites which include Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Women's College Hospital.

Our abdominal division is consistently reviewing its processes to ensure continued improvement and best patient care practices. We are actively involved in state of the art research which is introduced into our daily practice as determined by gold standard recommendations.

Abdominal Team

Division Head: Dr. Patrick Veit-Haibach


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