The Blood Transfusion Service provides 24-hour laboratory services, blood product provision and clinical consultation to a broad range of medical and surgical services, including extra-corporeal life support, cellular therapeutics, solid organ transplantation and therapeutic apheresis.

We also support the largest hemoglobinopathy program in North America, providing advanced compatibility testing to over 200 patients each month.

While UHN does not provide care to pediatric or obstetric patients, and is not a designated trauma centre, the Blood Transfusion Service does provide consultative support on these populations to partner and client hospitals throughout Ontario.

Tests and Consultations

  • Routine blood bank testing (group and screen, crossmatching, direct antiglobulin testing and eluates)
  • Complex serological investigations (antibody investigations including the use of enzyme, DTT and lectin treated-cells; RBC phenotyping; cold agglutinin investigation; Donath-Landsteiner antibody testing; isoagglutinin titres)
  • Extended product preparation (irradiation, plasma volume reduction)

In addition, the following services are available via our close collaboration with Canadian Blood Services:

  • RBC and platelet genotyping
  • HLA and HPA-matched platelet transfusion support
  • Monocyte monolayer assay testing
  • Extended serologic investigations of acute transfusion reactions (anti-IgA antibodies, extended Coomb’s testing, TRALI investigations)

The Blood Transfusion Service supports Health Canada's Transfusion-Transmitted Injuries Surveillance System (TTISS) and Transfusion Errors Surveillance System (TESS) and is an active participant in the QUEST Research Collaborative.

For an extensive list of our tests, visit the Lab Test Catalogue


Jan Delabie 

Division Head:Dr. Jan Delabie
416 340 5239

Alioska Escorcia 

Manager: Alioska Escorcia
416 340 4800 ext. 8134

Blood Transfusion

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