​​​​​​​​​​The Laboratory Medicine Program's clinical biochemistry department provides routine diagnostic and specialized testing to some of the best cardiovascular, transplant and oncologic physicians and surgeons in North America.

Clinical biochemistry tests are performed at the UHN core laboratory, which is equipped with state of the art instrumentation capable of performing thousands of tests per hour. The menu includes blood gases, enzymes, immunoglobulins, electrolytes, creatinine, tumour markers, drug monitoring and panels for evaluation of specific organ function. Clinical biochemistry staff are involved in leading-edge research in the areas of tumour markers, cardiac markers, transplantation, immunology and point-of-care testing. New tests and platforms are routinely introduced to further both research and clinical trials.

Dr. Eleftherios Diamandis is our Department Head of Biochemistry​

See who else makes up the Biochemistry team:​ HERE​​​

Tests and Consultations​

Routine Chemistry​

  • Bone metabolism
  • Cardiac profiles
  • Lipid chemistry
  • Liver and renal panels
  • Mass spectrometry​

Special Chemistry

  • Amyloid subtyping
  • Calculi
  • Cardiovascular markers
  • Nutritional markers
  • Tumour markers

Immunology and Immunodiagnostics​

  • Autoimmune disease testing
  • Drug monitoring
  • Endocrinology tests
  • Fertility testing
  • Urine and serum proteins

Point-of-Care Testing​

  • Blood gases and metabolites
  • Cardiac markers
  • ​Coagulation
  • Complete Blood Counts
  • Glucose monitoring program
  • Routine chemistry panels
  • Routine urinalysis and pregnancy screening​
  • Urine toxicology screening
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