​​​For hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area:

Effective January 2, 2017 samples for HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) Typing and Antibody Testing for investigation of platelet transfusion refractoriness are to be shipped directly to the University Health Network (UHN) Region​al HLA laboratory, with an accompanying requisition.

This modification in shipping procedure is due to the relocation of the Canadian Blood Services Toronto Laboratory. Modified shipping address and requisition are as follows:​



UHN-HLA Laboratory

67 College Street, 3-301

Toronto, Ontario   M5G 2M1

Tel. 416-340-4995



All routine results will be reported within 10 working days to the Canadian Blood Services Winnipeg Platelet Laboratory.  Copies will only be sent to the ordering centre/physician if fax information is provided on the requisition.

STAT requests must be approved in ad​​​vance. Have requesting physician call 416-340-4995 to speak with the UHN HLA director on-call.

Test result reporting and queries for HLA testing will be supported by the UHN HLA lab.


You can view the related Canadian Blood Services' Customer Letter at  in the "Hospitals" section​


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