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Image of Kristy-Lynn Tony Lightfoot is a retired mechanical engineer from Calgary, who received revolutionary scalpel-free surgery to alleviate chronic tremors.​ Read the story​ ».​

​​​​​​​The Krembil Brain Institute at Toronto Western Hospital is home to the Edmond J. Safra Program in Parkinson's Disease. The Program was established in 1994 and contains the long-standing Morton and Gloria Shulman Movement Disorders Clinic. The Program and Clinic specialize in leading edge treatment and research for movement disorders. The Program is a Parkinson's Foundation Center of Excellence​.​​​

Movement disorders are very complex and can have a great impact on a person’s life. Our specialized staff includes movement disorder neurologists, neurophysiologists and nurses and​ our goal is to restore a patient’s health when it comes to their brain and slow the progress of their disease.​​​

Learn more about the Edmond J. Safra Program in Parkinson’s Disease and the Morton and Gloria Shulman Movement Disorders Clinic​.




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