Brain research is a central mission at Krembil
Donald F. Weaver, MD, PhD, FRCPC,  Director, Krembil Research Institute

​​Donald F. Weaver, MD, PhD, FRCPC,

Director, Krembil Research Institute

Your brain is what makes you… you!

It defines you as a unique, complex human being with fears, dreams, goals and aspirations. Comprising billions of brain cells linked by trillions of synaptic connections, the brain is the most complicated structure on the planet. That’s why disorders of the brain and spinal cord (i.e., the central nervous system) are so devastating and the most difficult to treat of all human diseases.

It’s for this reason that Krembil Research Institute investigators are focused on better understanding how the brain and spine function. Krembil also has extensive programs investigating arthritis and disorders of vision, and research in these areas will be the subject of subsequent magazines in this series. The Krembil Research Institute is one of the principal research institutes of University Health Network – the largest research hospital in Canada. Krembil is also one of the top research institutes in Canada focusing on neurological diseases from both a basic

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