Season 3 of the Krembil Brain Institute's Your Complex Brain podcast is here!

We are once again bringing you inside UHN's Krembil Brain Institute – one of North America's largest and most innovative neurological centres – to meet the scientists and physicians advancing discovery, the patients who inspire us and the care teams who support them.

This season, we're exploring some big new research in brain health, including: What young women need to know about preventing a stroke? Ca​n loneliness re-wire your brain? And how you can reduce your chances of Alzheimer's.

We'll also take you to the forefront of AI-powered brain science, dive into the link between genetics and reading disabilities and find out why getting a good night's sleep is crucial for brain health.

There are a million amazing things to know about your complex brain – and we couldn't be more excited to explore them with you. Season 3 launches on March 19, with episodes every other Tuesday. Subscribe to Your Complex Brain so you don't miss a thing.

The Your Complex Brain production team is Heather Sherman, Jessica Schmidt, Dr. Amy Ma, Kim Perry, Sara Yuan, Meagan Anderi, Liz Chapman and Lorna Gilfedder.

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Release Date: March 12, 2023 |  Run Time: 01:00 |  Download the trailer transcript

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Season 3 Episode 3 - 25 Years of Momentum in Spinal Cord Injury Research

Release Date: April 16, 2024 |  Run Time: 40:14 |  Download Episode 3 transcript

In 1995, actor Christopher Reeve was injured in a horseback riding accident, leaving him quadriplegic - paralyzed from the shoulders down. He became a tireless advocate and a passionate supporter of research.

Christopher's dream was for those living with spinal cord injuries to have a better quality of life, and one day to walk again.

More than 25 years later, thanks to advances in surgical approaches, neuroprotective drugs and gene therapy using stem cells, that dream is becoming closer to reality.

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Bonus Content: Listen to John Ruffolo's full interview about his injury, his rehab & recovery and why he feels passionate about supporting spinal cord injury research.

John Ruffolo | Run Time: 16:39 |  Download bonus content transcript

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Explore the myths, mysteries, and medical breakthroughs of the most complex and powerful organ in your body – your brain. Weaving together expert interviews with heartfelt, inspiring snapshots of the patients and family members in the middle of it all, Heather Sherman dives into the latest science on Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, epilepsy, stroke, concussion, spinal cord injury, brain cancer, chronic pain and other brain diseases and disorders. Along the way, she uncovers surprising insights, sheds light on the latest research and shares heroic, real-life stories from the people on the front lines.

Dr. Jaideep Bains

Season 3 Episode 1 –
The Lonely Brain
Maria Martinez

Season 3 Episode 2 –
Reduce Your Chances of Alzheimer's. Here's How.
Dr. Laureen Hachem

Season 3 Episode 3 –
25 Years of Momentum in Spinal Cord Injury Research

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