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The Lullaby Project: Music as Medicine

Release Date: June 25, 2024 |  Run Time: 39:50 |  Download Episode 8 transcript

The Lullaby Project, which started at New York City's Carnegie Hall, brings together expectant mothers with professional songwriters to write, record and perform an original lullaby for their baby. In 2017, Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall brought this heartwarming initiative to Toronto, and invited partners to participate, including Dr. Esther Bui, a neurologist who specializes in treating women with epilepsy.

Today, we're exploring exciting new research, looking at the impact of 'music as medicine' and whether participating in a project like The Lullaby Project can improve overall mental health, feelings of empowerment and stress levels, for pregnant women who are living with epilepsy.

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Bonus Content: Listen to an extended version of Julianne Hazlewood's story, to learn more about her epilepsy diagnosis and her journey to motherhood.

Julianne Hazlewood | Run Time: 17:24 |  Download bonus content transcript


Dr. Esther Bui  
Dr. Esther Bui

Dr. Esther Bui has worked as a neurologist and epilepsy specialist focusing on women's neurological health since 2012. She is an assistant professor and clinician educator within the Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Dr. Bui's pregnancy and epilepsy clinic is dedicated to fertility, pre-conception counselling, pregnancy and postpartum care for women with epilepsy. As well, the women's epilepsy program has expanded to explore how menses, ageing, perimenopause and menopause can impact a woman's epilepsy. In 2015 Dr. Bui created an advanced training program for resident physicians to learn more about Women's Issues in Neurology. Physicians across Canada as well as the US and Europe come to learn Women's Neurology. In 2017, Dr. Bui founded Canada's first and only accredited Women's Neurology Fellowship at the University of Toronto. She is currently the co-Director of the Women's Neurology Fellowship Program and the Director of the Epilepsy Fellowship program. She has published 30+ scientific papers, a clinical handbook, "Women with Epilepsy: A Practical Management Handbook", and a children's book "Lost and Found: A Bunny's Story". Her children's book, inspired by the 900+ moms and babies graduates of the epilepsy & pregnancy clinic, was written to empower parents facing illness to create an authentic narrative of their lived experiences for their children.

Sharon Ng  
Sharon Ng

Sharon Ng is a graduate student in neuroepidemiology at Harvard Chan School of Public Health. She was previously a research assistant for Dr. Esther Bui at UHN, and worked with Dr. Bui to conceptualize the Lullaby Project Study. Sharon is now a collaborator on this study. In her spare time, Sharon likes to read, try out new restaurants with friends, and perfect her banana bread recipe.

Julianne Hazlewood and son Wesley  
Julianne Hazlewood

Julianne Hazlewood has worked as a journalist with CBC for more than a dozen years, at newsrooms across the country. Her true love is long-form audio storytelling. Becoming a mother is the latest and most joyous chapter in her life.

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