The Institute for Education Research (TIER)

The Institute for Education Research acts as a hub within UHN to support and grow the discipline of education research. As a network, scientists from all over UHN as well as outside organizations are brought together to generate knowledge and advance the education for health professions. By challenging norms and thinking creatively, this education creates pathways towards optimal care. TIER continues to commit to building an equitable, diverse, inclusive and respectful environment for excellence in education research at UHN. These values are highlighted in the events that are held by TIER to provide opportunities to bring professionals together to share ideas, connect, collaborate and ultimately refine their skills.

The success of TIER is driven by the exceptional community of researchers and staff, all of whom share the commitment to imagining, designing and implementing bold new ways of educating the healthcare workforce to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Please visit the TIER website to learn more about events, membership applications, research streams, and the research support offered by the institute.

The Wilson Centre for Research in Education

At The Wilson Centre we produce knowledge to transform health professions education to meet the evolving needs of society.

To do that, The Wilson Centre brings scientific understanding to health professions education and trains the next generation of education researchers to do the same. In an academic partnership with the University of Toronto the Wilson Centre studies a broad range of research questions drawing upon a host of academic traditions.

From understanding how cognitive integration helps learners retain information to making visible the influence of the hidden curriculum, from simulation design to critical examinations of competence and professionalism, The Wilson Centre consistently demonstrates that in order to understand education we must understand both the mechanisms and context of learning.

Simply put, The Wilson Centre makes health professions education better for educators and for learners in order to best serve patients.

Please visit us at the Wilson Centre to meet our scientists and fellows and to see the broad range of education research events we host and promote.

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