FLS Skills Modules/Tasks

​Task 1 – Peg Transfer: Six plastic objects are grasped, transferred to the opposite forceps, and placed on a pegboard.

Task 2 – Pattern Cutting: A circle is cut from a piece of gauze on a pre-marked line.

Task 3 – Ligating Loop: A ligating loop is placed and secured at the base of a foam appendage on a pre-marked line.

Task 4 – Extracorporeal Suture: A 2-0 silk suture with a curved needle is placed through a slitted penrose on pre-marked dots. Three knots are tied in an extracorporeal fashion using a knot-pusher.

Task 5 – Intracorporeal Suture: Similar to task 4, except a precut 15-cm 2-0 silk suture is used and the knots are tied using an intracorporeal technique.

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