As an Essential Care Partner (ECP) at UHN, you may be able to help care for your family or friend while they are in the hospital. These resources can also help you learn and remember the key details of helping to care for your loved one.

Before you provide care to a patient in hospital, discuss it will the healthcare team. Your team will provide you with training so you are able to safely provide this care.

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Resources for ECPs Supporting Care Activities

Resource TopicResource Title/LinkFormatSource
Infection Control
Putting on and taking off personal protective equipment
Personal Protective Equipment Instructions PDFUHN
Meal Support & Nutrition
Important! Always check with the patient's nurse or other healthcare team member each day before providing any food. Patients may have restrictions before certain tests and procedures.
Mealtime Assistance Program Handbook PDFBridgepoint Health
How to help with eating and drinking as a caregiver VideoCareChannel (Saint Elizabeth Foundation)
BedpanAssisting the client with a bedpan VideoGeorge Brown College
Underwear/Briefs ChangeAssisting the client with a brief change VideoGeorge Brown College
How to give a bed bath in the home - tips for caregivers VideoCareChannel (Saint Elizabeth Foundation)
Cleaning the area between the legs VideoGeorge Brown College
Bathing and dressing VideoCaregiver College
Oral Care
Cleaning mouth, tooth brushing, false teeth (dentures)
How to help with tooth brushing VideoCareChannel (Saint Elizabeth Foundation)
Assisting a client with denture care VideoGeorge Brown College
Mobility & Falls Prevention
Important! Check with the patient's nurse or other health professional before helping the patient with getting up or raising the head of the bed. Sometimes patients need to limit movement – so check before you start to help each day.
How to help with moving around in bed VideoCareChannel (Saint Elizabeth Foundation)
Turning patients over in bed TextMedlinePlus Encyclopedia
Caregiver guide and instructions for safe bed mobility TextAmerican Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine
Walker to tub transfer VideoUHN
Wheelchair to toilet seat VideoUHN
How to help someone use a walker  VideoCareChannel (Saint Elizabeth Society)

Resources in Other Languages

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TopicEnglish LinkLink with SubtitlesFormatSource
NutritionNutritionSpanish subtitles
Chinese Traditional subtitles
 VideoFamily Caregiver Alliance
BathingBathing a patient in bedSpanish TextMedlinePlus
Oral Care (tooth brushing)Dental CareSpanish subtitles
Chinese Traditional subtitles
 VideoFamily Caregiver Alliance
Tooth brushing – information for caregiversSpanish PDFNational Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIH)
Moving in BedPulling a patient up in bedSpanish  TextMedlinePlus Encyclopedia
Turning patients over in bedSpanish  TextMedlinePlus Encyclopedia