About UHN Vaccination Clinics

UHN is one of Ontario's sites that have been designated to receive and administer COVID-19 vaccines to priority populations. Eligibility criteria has been set by the government of Ontario and is being provided on a priority basis.

UHN is no longer pre-registering people in the "Highest Risk" category. All eligible patients can now register through the provincial vaccine call centre: 1 833 943 3900. Patients currently registered with UHN and awaiting their first dose do not need to take any actions. These individuals will continue to be prioritized for booking of 1st dose in one of the UHN clinics.

Please note: Patients with "Highest-Risk" health conditions who already received their first dose at a UHN Vaccine clinic will receive their second dose at the same clinic.

UHN is no longer registering age-based general public. All adults, 60+ (born 1961 or before), in Toronto, can now register through the provincial booking system for a vaccination clinic in Toronto. Adults 55+ can register at select Toronto pharmacies. You can also call the Provincial Vaccine Information Line at 1 888 999 6488 (TTY 1 866 797 0007).

Please note that registration for priority group ages 18-49 with postal codes M5V, M6E, M6H, has been temporarily paused. Anyone who has already registered will be contacted by UHN or the Ministry of Health when an appointment is available. Registration will re-open for this group when additional vaccine supply is confirmed.

Vaccine Eligibility

The Government of Ontario and City of Toronto are deciding how the vaccine is being distributed. UHN is following the Government's decision when distributing the vaccine to staff and patients.

The following groups have been prioritized to receive their vaccination at UHN:

  • Long-term care health care workers, residents and essential care providers in Long-Term Care facilities from Toronto homes and centres
  • Health care workers (majority of role spent working in patient care areas) at UHN, Sinai Health, SickKids, Women’s College Hospital and Toronto Grace Hospital
  • ORNGE and essential care partners from long-term care homes
  • Patients, aged 80+, of the Family Health Teams at UHN, Sinai Health, and Women’s College Hospital, as well as select Ontario Health Teams in the mid-west Toronto catchment, as selected for prioritization under Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • Community members, age 80+, who live in the mid-west Toronto Ontario Health Team catchment
  • Patients, aged 80+, undergoing chemotherapy treatment at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre or hemodialysis treatment at UHN
  • Patient-facing health care providers working in the mid-West Toronto Ontario Health Team catchment
  • Patient-facing learners at the University of Toronto
  • Indigenous adults — First Nations, Inuit or Métis — in the mid-West Toronto Ontario Health Team catchment
  • Adult homecare recipients in the mid-West Toronto Ontario Health Team catchment
  • Faith leaders in the mid-West Toronto Ontario Health Team catchment, who are at greater risk of exposure
  • High risk chronic conditions

At this time, we are not booking any other groups. Priority groups for receiving the vaccine are designated by the Province of Ontario and will be shared by the Ministry of Health.

Booking Information

Eligible priority groups can use the UHN vaccine registry, and will be sent a booking link when slots become available. TeamUHN and health care workers in the hospital collaborative should continue to check their emails for registration links when they become eligible. Please do not call the hospital to inquire about an appointment.

The UHN vaccine clinics are not accepting any walk-ins. Anyone who arrives without a pre-scheduled appointment and confirmed time will be turned away.

Important Supply Note

Vaccinations are subject to supply availability and shipment. If there are any changes to your appointment, we will let you know.

Learn more about Ontario's COVID-19 vaccine strategy on the Ontario government website.

Last updated: April 19, 2021